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Helicopter Avionics

Did you know that PlaneTechs is the leading online source of helicopter avionics jobs? There are two reasons for that.

First, PlaneTechs is the premier provider of highly-skilled mechanics and technicians to the top aviation MROs and manufacturers across the country and around the world. Since 1997, PlaneTechs has responded to the specialized requirements of building and maintaining commercial, military and civilian aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopters. Employers turn to us because we speak their language – that gives you an immediate advantage over other job seekers who try to do it on their own.

Second, we take your job search as seriously as you do. When it comes to helicopter avionics jobs, rest assured that PlaneTechs is a dedicated partner in your job search. After you have completed the initial application process, we’ll work to place you in temporary or long-term jobs with PlaneTechs’ clients. And when your assignment expires, we’ll work with you to identify a new assignment with another PlaneTechs’ employer to keep you working.

If you are interested in pursuing helicopter avionics jobs with PlaneTechs, you must have a desire to work in a fast-paced and professional aviation environment. Prior training, work experience and up-to-date licenses and/or certifications are also required.

For more information about helicopter avionics opportunities, contact a PlaneTechs recruiter today.