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Job Seeker FAQ

I’ve never worked as a contractor before; what should I expect?

PlaneTechs contractors work for a variety of our clients – MROs, Manufacturers, Corporate Aviation, and Military Contractors.  Work ranges from production to heavy C & D checks.  Our clients contact us with information about the positions they have to fill; our recruiters identify the contractors who are best suited for the job; and, a match is made. As a PlaneTechs contractor, you can expect a variety of assignments and the opportunity to work for different clients and locations. It all starts with you!  Submit your resume to ensure you are in our database and can be called or emailed with relevant opportunities.

I’ve worked as a contractor before; how is PlaneTechs different?

Many contract houses would like you to think that all staffing companies are the same.  At PlaneTechs, we take a different approach as we specialize in matching your skills and career goals with the best in MRO, Manufacturing, Military and Corporate Aviation facilities. When you work for PlaneTechs, you’ll quickly see how committed and connected our recruiting staff is to you – finding you great jobs, ensuring your employment needs and requests are handled properly the first time, and keeping you working from assignment to assignment. We work hard on your behalf! We succeed when you succeed. 

I’ve applied for a job with PlaneTechs but I’m not working yet. What should I expect?

Our commitment is to match the skills, interests and needs of our contractors with the specific requirements of each of our clients. Sometimes the right match takes time. Rest assured – your PlaneTechs recruiter is at work every day, aiming to fill open orders with contractors like you. Your recruiter will stay in touch with you. You will also receive emails and phone calls from us alerting you to our latest opportunities. You can also sign up for Job Alerts via this website, ensuring you’ll get an email notice from us when an opening exists that meets your requirements.

Who should I contact if I have a question or concern about my job, pay or benefits?

If you are working on a PlaneTechs assignment, your first call should be to the PlaneTechs onsite representative. If you cannot reach them or if your site does not have a PlaneTechs onsite representative or if you are currently not on assignment, contact your PlaneTechs recruiter. You can also check the “Contact Us” page of our website for direct lines to various departments that will, and can, assist you with the utmost of urgency.

When do I get paid?
Employees are paid by PlaneTechs weekly.  PlaneTechs offers free Direct Deposit.  If you have any questions on the timecard process at your assignment, contact your recruiter.  Any issues with pay can be directed to the Payroll department at 800-669-5627.

What should I do if I want to leave or be reassigned in the middle of a job?

Please let us know as soon as possible about changes that affect your current assignment! Your first call should be to your PlaneTechs onsite representative. If you cannot reach your onsite rep, contact your PlaneTechs recruiter.  We understand that at times, circumstances can require you to leave an assignment.  We will work hard to re-assign you to a location that best fits your new situation.

What happens if I get hurt on the job?

If you’ve had a work related injury which you feel must be seen by a physician, call the 24/7 nurse at 888-454-6272 before going for medical treatment.  The exception would be a life threatening injury.  If you feel you need to seek medical treatment, before you can return to duty you will a need a full medical release, along with the mandatory Post incident Drug and Alcohol test documentation. All of the required documents must be faxed or E-mailed to the PlaneTechs Workman’s Comp office at 815-301-1806 or . It will be reviewed by the Director of Workman’s Compensation who will then determine if you will be authorized to return to work.  Contact your recruiter or on-site representative to report the injury and to stay informed. 

Do PlaneTechs contractors ever get hired as permanent workers?

There are a few different scenarios where a contractor could be hired on as a direct employee.  The assignment may be a transparent, temp-to-perm model and you will be fully aware that that is our client’s objective as we place you on assignment.  Other times, our client may want to hire you directly from the get go...  but in most situations it is our client’s need to have contract labor to support temporary fluctuation in work load.  Remember, you work for PlaneTechs, so any discussion of permanent placement would start with your recruiter.  

How do I refer someone through PlaneTechs? And do I get a fee? 

When you have a great experience finding your next job with PlaneTechs, you certainly will want to share that with your friends and family. But wouldn’t it be cool if you got paid to do so? PlaneTechs will pay you a $250 referral fee for each person you connect us to that gets hired into a position with us. You can submit a referral through your recruiter, call our main line at 800-669-5627 or email,