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PlaneTechs technicians work hard every day to support our customers and keep their projects on time and on budget. That hard work and loyalty should be recognized and rewarded. PlaneTechs is proud to offer TECHTEAM, the most generous and attainable bonus plan in the industry, plus access to a broad range of benefits and services.


Upon completion of 1,900 regular straight time hours in a 52-week period, a temporary employee receives 40 HOURS OF STRAIGHT TIME PAY added to their next paycheck. 
• The 52-weeks run continuously. Each week expires 52 weeks after it is added, beginning the week ending January 5, 2014. 
• All aviation hours performed in the contiguous U.S. qualify towards your 1,900 hour quota. 
• You must be active on assignment for PlaneTechs at the time you have accumulated at least 1,900 hours in a 52-week period.

Receive a $250 cash award, less state and federal taxes, when you refer a friend or colleague to PlaneTechs.


Without question, our most important asset is our people. We also know that benefits are important when deciding on where to work. As a PlaneTechs employee, you'll have access to a broad range of benefits and services throughout the duration of your contract including:

Medical insurance
You never know when an illness or accident might happen. If you or a family member becomes ill or injured and you're not insured, the financial burden can be devastating. PlaneTechs offers medical insurance to provide financial protection for sudden, expensive medical costs.

Dental Insurance
Dental health is a key factor in preserving your general health and our insurance is one of the most valued benefits offered by PlaneTechs.

Vision Insurance
We offer quality vision insurance that helps reduce costs and fits different budgets and needs.

Term Life Insurance
Term Life is a popular and simple insurance option that provides coverage of financial responsibilities for the insured or his or her beneficiaries.

Short-term disability (not available in all states)
Short term disability insurance can help workers that suffer a temporary illness or injury that leaves them out of work for a short period of time.

Weekly payroll
Employees can look forward to receiving their paychecks more frequently when paid each week and it’s easy to keep up with time card submission dates.

Direct deposit
Direct deposit can be an excellent financial planning tool. It saves you time and money, adds convenience, and reduces your reliance on paper checks.

Talk to your PlaneTechs recruiter for all the details.